Beaded Cable Belt WIP – Next Giveaway?

My attempts to go back and add posts for my missing weeks was a complete failure.  Instead I’m going to just start from where I’m at now instead of getting further and further behind in my posts!  Then I can go and fill in the old stuff.

So where am I at now?  I’m about done with a beaded belt that I plan to have as my next giveaway on the blog.  The pattern is from the class I took at Stitches Midwest: Accessorize with Beaded Belts with Judy Pascale.  The pattern uses a cinch buckle. It’s nice because you can easily swap the buckle and have a bit extra room for sizing with the buckle placement.  I’m running into two issues with this.

1. Sizing – if I’m doing a giveaway the size I make will determine how many people are interested. Should I wait to see who the winner is and finish it to their size or just let everyone know what size it will fit?

2. The Buckle – I am having the hardest time finding belt buckles.  I have a plain basic one from Joann Fabrics but this isn’t a simple belt.  It’s bright and busy and that buckle isn’t really the greatest fit.  Does anyone have anywhere they go just to buy buckles?  So far the best ideas I’ve seen are to use buckles from old belts.  I guess the winner could swap out the buckle later.

My last worry is the color.  Personally I’m very much into neutral, earth tone, or cool colors.  This belt is not my style so I have a hard time knowing if anyone else would like it.   I love the look of it but I don’t know that anyone would ever wear it. Should I even bother with a giveaway or just put it into my “oh look at the pretty thing I made” pile?


  1. Or make it longer than you planned and have a super skinny funky scarf. 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous scarf!!! I have never seem this kind of knitting.
    Thank you for wonderful sharing and giveaway.

  3. Here in TN that color is ALL the RAGE for UT fans!! I don’t think you will have any problems finding people who would like to have it. Size is another issue….if you make it a medium size could the winner adjust that some way, if needed? As for buckles – have you tried Etsy?


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