TKGA Master Hand Knitter 1 – Swatch 6

Week: 9

Currently Working On: Swatch # 6


This week was back to increases with the third mirrored increase swatch in the set.  This time it was the lifted increase, also known as the raised increase.  I haven’t used this increase before so I had to spend a little more time looking it up and watching the technique.

The lifted increase can be mirrored with both a right and left slanting version.  Both versions have you working the stitch on the needle and the stitch below it.  The right slanting version has you knitting the stitch below the first stitch on the left needle and then that original stitch on the left needle.  The left slanting version has you knitting two stitches below the first stitch on the right needle.  You knit two below because you’ve already knit  the stitch on the left needle causing the stitch below to now be two stitches below.

The stitch below is also picked up different.  Both have you picking up the closest strand and moving to the front of the left needle but the closest strand is different when you’re lifting the stitch before or after you knit the stitch on the needle.  Also, the left leaning has you knitting through the back of the lifted stitch.  I still find the instructions for this increase the most confusing.

One tip I read is that if you’re stretching your stitch too much to knit the stitch directly without first lifting the stitch onto the left needle.  I’m not sure if that is what I was doing wrong but the left leaning doesn’t look quite right to me. I’ll have to compare it to other’s samples later.


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