Phone Numbers and Escort Services

I need a new phone number.  This is the third weekend in a row I’ve had a few calls from men inquiring about an escort service.  Why do you ask?  Because idiots don’t realize that you still need a 1 before the area code when calling from a land line phone.  We looked it up months ago when I got my first suspicious call to see what number they were trying to dial.  I guess this escort service has been doing some marketing because the calls are coming a lot more often!

You think if I call the police they can do something about it?  I mean leaving a room number in your message for an escort service doesn’t seem legal to me.  There was one really creepy guy who said “not to be like that” when I told him it was the wrong number.  Talk about a bad vibe.


  1. Creepy and scary.

  2. Gross! Change your phone number, Les!

  3. Definitely change it. Keep the creeps away.

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