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I’ve already posted about each day at Stitches but I wanted to do a final post-mortem so to speak on the whole weekend.  I already discussed the classes each day but here is the overview.  I had a total of 18 class hours:

  • Perfect the Fit with Barry Klein (6 hours)
  • Accessorize with Beaded Belts with Judy Pascale (3 hours)
  • Entrelac Basics with Gwen Bortner (3 hours)
  • Stranded Color: Just Beyond the Basics with Beth Whiteside (3 hours)

Except for Perfect the Fit each class had a little knitting project.  On Friday I also had the Parade of Elephants event. I finished off those projects as you can see to the left.  My coffee sleeve turned in a tiny red bull size cozy after felting.  See that fair isle strip? It was knitting in the round and then I used a steek.  That’s right, I cut my knitting.

My elephant did not turn out so well.  I’m showing him from his most flattering side.  He needed a tighter gauge as you can see all the stuffing through the knit stitches.  Plus he needed a much fatter stomach.  He ended up being long and skinny in the torso which is not how I think of an elephant.

I will definitely being going back to Stitches and signing up for the classes again.  I will probably cut back on 12-15 class hours.  It was an exhausting weekend.  Barry Klein was my favorite teacher and I will hunt down any classes he offers in the future.  On the flip side I will actively avoid any classes offered by Judy Pascale.

On to the shopping.  I ended up spending about $150-200 in merchandise.  I thought that was a lot until I talked to everyone else I met there and ended up on the conservative side. Here is what I bought:

  • The New Knitters Template  (for my mom)
  • 5 skeins of yarn
  • 2 tubes of beads
  • Soak heel lotion
  • Soak wash

I was very happy with everything but of course it was a long weekend and something had to go wrong.  Well, I forgot my mom’s book outside and it was left in the rain.  It wasn’t too bad but all the bottom corners were wet.  I would just buy another one but it was signed.  I haven’t told my mom yet so if she reads this before I see her I guess she knows now!

Since I couldn’t just buy another signed copy I had to do as much damage control as possible. So my first step was to put wax paper between every single page so that they wouldn’t dry stuck together. Thank you, book, for only being 79 pages. A few pages were tricky to separate but I got them all without losing any content.  Now I just need it to dry as smooth as possible.

The first night I left heavy books on the pages to flatten them out but they didn’t dry at all.  Now I’m alternating between airflow and sunlight to allow drying and the heavy books to flatten the pages.  I think it’s going pretty well.  Worst case, I’ll get her another copy next year and take this one back for myself.  I kind of like this one better anyway.  It now has character and a story.  How can smooth undamaged pages compare to that?

We’ll end with separate pics for each yarn skein.   I love yarn pictures.

madelinetosh tosh lace

Colorway: Posy

Price: $24.95





madelinetosh tosh vintage

Colorway: Alizarin

Price: $19.20




Dragonfly Fibers Djinni Sock

Colorway: Velvet Underground

Price: $24.00




Dragonfly Fibers Traveller

Colorway: Titania

Price: $20.00




Timothy Street Yarns

Colorway: Evening Walk?

Price: $13.00




Stitches Midwest – Friday
Stitches Midwest – Saturday
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  1. I trust you will get the pages all dried out, not to worry. Love you with all your flaws, Mom


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