Stitches Midwest – Friday

Today I went to Stitches for the very first time. My mom came with me and we signed up for Perfect the Fit with Barry Klein and the Parade of Elephants event.  I really enjoyed myself but I am also very tired and still have to get ready for tomorrow.

The Parade of Elephants was an hour or so event where we all received kits to make these little stuffed elephants. It’s a charity event started by Cee Cee Creech.  We got to hear her story and how the elephants got started.

The hour was just long enough for me to knit the body but I still need to sew and stuff it.   Quite a few people didn’t even finish the body.  Unfortunately there was a bit of a fiasco with the yarn.  It came in little hanks that we had to wind up.  I spend 20 minutes just getting the hanks into a ball of yarn.

The yarn is from Fiesta Yarns and it felt really good to knit with.  As much as I want a nap I think I’m going to start a second elephant.  There’s enough yarn for two  elephants and it’s a nice short relaxing pattern.

I will make sure to post pics of my elephant(s) once I get around to the finishing!

Perfect the Fit was a six hour class: three hours in the morning and three in the afternoon.  We spent the morning taking full body measurements and then reviewing how to use those measurements to alter a pattern when necessary.  The class organizers were smart enough not to warn anyone that these measurements would be taken.  I wasn’t really surprised but I probably wouldn’t have been comfortable if I knew about it beforehand.  I was guessing there would be the bust, waist and hips but I think we ended up with about 14 different measurements.

Barry Klein was a very good teacher.  I suspect that more people sign up for similar classes when women are teaching because they think they would be uncomfortable with a male teacher.  I think the exact opposite.  I was never uncomfortable around him and honestly I think I would have been a lot more uncomfortable with a woman teacher.  I would recommend this class for anyone who wants to knit garments.  He was very relaxed, comfortable, and everything he said made sense.

I’ve been afraid to knit myself a sweater for years.  I’ve been afraid of wasting my time and money on something I would hate and be embarrassed to wear in public.  After this class I can’t wait to start working on my first sweater.  I’m going to try the Briar Rose Tunic from the Interweave Knits, Winter 2011 magazine.  The afternoon portion of the class was spent looking at some knitted jackets and how specific design elements were used to get proper fit.  We also each brought in a pattern and reviewed what we would have to change to get the perfect fit.

My biggest disappointment was that this tunic pattern was written with a size that I won’t have to adjust.  I’m having a little trouble believing this. I can never find clothes that fit when I’m shopping so how did I end up with a pattern that fits?  I’m still a bit baffled.  The only thing I can think is one of his points was to look at a garment shape and compare it to your body shape.  I picked a pattern that matched my body shape fairly well so maybe that is how I lucked out.

I didn’t buy anything today at the market but I’m sure there will be money spent tomorrow.  I saw a lot of yarns I really liked and I have a full three hour break between classes tomorrow.  Which I better go get ready for!


  1. I will be there tomorrow. Can’t wait:)


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