American Girl Jacket

Yarn: Knit Picks Palette – Conch, 1 skein
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Needles: Size US 2  (3 mm)
Measurements: Fit for 18″ Doll
Pattern Location: Ravelry’s American Girl Jacket
Time Spent: 17 hours
Dates: 8/2/2012 – 8/7/2012

I have to admit that I have spent an embarrassing amount of time staring at this jacket.  I’m completely fascinated that somehow I ended up with an actual wearable garment, even if it’s only wearable by a doll.  I’ve poked and prodded at it just to make sure it’s real.  The last time I felt anything close to this was when I made my gloves last year.

This pattern probably wasn’t the best for my first attempt at knitting a jacket.  It’s a very vague pattern and you have to make a lot of interpretations.  There is very little information about how to join the pieces together, it doesn’t even tell you do that.  You have to figure out the construction of the jacket yourself.  The pattern basically gives you a stitch pattern and the number of stitches to use for each section.

Luckily I’d gotten Deborah Newton’s Finishing School for Christmas.  I used this to help me figure out how to put the jacket together.  I used the three needle bind off for the shoulders.  I used the stitches that were still left after the collar stitches were moved to a holder.  However, I didn’t feel like learning how to seam so I picked up the stitches for the sleeves instead of knitting them as separate pieces.

Now that I know the basics I want to start thinking more about the construction of garments.  There are so many possibilities.  The American Girl clothes are perfect because I can try out different styles to see what I do and don’t like without losing a lot of time and yarn.

One last important note: this pattern says you need 100 grams of fingering weight but I used a little less than 50g.  I would have chosen a different color but I didn’t think I would have enough yarn.  It turns out I would have had plenty.


  1. This is sooo cute.

  2. I know what you mean, when I finish something that comes out looking like it’s supposed to, I keep looking at it in awe. I have just started making American Girl Doll clothes, I’m hoping to buy my Granddaughter a doll next Christmas and hopefully will have made a good assortment of clothes by then. I am about 70% finished with this jacket, and I’ve made a hat in the same color. Since I don’t have a doll yet, I don’t know if I will post my finished products yet. You did a nice job with your jacket.

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