TKGA Master Hand Knitter 1 – Swatch 1

Week: 1

Currently Working On: Swatch # 1


Since I just decided to start doing my weekly updates yesterday I didn’t have time to do much.  I started by reviewing my previous progress and notes.  I’d stopped after completing swatches 1 & 2 and realizing I needed to start over with a larger needle size.  Yesterday I knitted swatch 1 with the larger needles but I need to block it before I can evaluate it.

One of the requirements for swatch 1 is to use the best increase method for ribbing.  I found an old Cast On article in the Master’s Section of the TKGA website.  The article examines the different types of increases and how they impact the appearance of ribbing.  I found that a bar increase on the last knit stitch of a ribbing column worked best for me.

The second technique I had to learn for these swatches was how to weave in the ends with the duplicate stitch. This was actually one of the very first things I looked up and have been using it for quite some time.  It is by far my favorite way to weave in ends now.  I don’t use garter stitch much, however, so I did still have to look up how to do the duplicate stitch on the garter stitch portion of swatch 1.  I know Cast On has some articles on this but I found it at Knitty first.


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