Burned, Sore, and Deprived

It all started with a surprise visit from my sister who lives in Florida.  Actually, no, it started the night before.  We took my dad out for dinner for Father’s day on Saturday night and my sister’s surprise visit started on Sunday. Either way I have had no time to knit for almost a week.  That is the deprived part.  Over five days without knitting.  Why didn’t I sneak in some time, I’ll tell you.

First you have to understand that I’m a very solitary person.  I like my own company just fine and need lots of time to myself.  It’s just the way I was built.  I live by myself and I’d be very impressed with anyone who changed my mind.  I often joke that I need all the hours alone at night just to deal with the people at work the next day.  And I work by myself in my cubical most of the day.  So, when the majority of three out of five days is spent with people it takes up a lot of energy.  There’s nothing left for something as simple as knitting.

Anyway I had a lot of fun but I’m still exhausted.  Sunday was spent with my parents, all my siblings, and all their kids.  Then Tuesday I went downtown to Chicago with my sister and one of her friends.  I had a great time but this is where the burned and sore part come in.

Let me warn everyone that walking around for five miles after spending over six months sitting on your butt is not a good idea.  My legs started hurting after two miles and by the time I was home I could barely walk.  Yesterday was even worse.  I almost fell down getting out of bed and while it seemed to get better it was a very awkward night.  It hurt to walk so I was doing this funky waddling thing so I wouldn’t have to bend my legs and then had to lean over a bit to keep my balance.  So basically I was waddling around with my butt sticking out and just very thankful nobody could actually see this.

Now we come to the burned part.  I have very fair skin and wear sunscreen every day.  One of the things we did in Chicago was a river boat tour right around noon.  I wasn’t careful enough and my shoulders and back got burned pretty bad right along the edges of my shirt.  The only good part of that was the reminder of why I carry sunscreen around and deal with all the weird looks I get for it.

So mentally exhausted from missing all that time to myself, barely able to walk, and my shoulders and back burned and itchy.  Two days later and I’m still not quite up to knitting yet.  It was still worth it =)

Since I have no knitting or yarn pictures, here are some pictures from the tour.

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