July Plans – Doll Clothes

For about a year now I’ve wanted to knit clothes as well as accessories.  I’ve never even knit a sweater.  The main reason is that I have major doubts that whatever I knit would actually fit.  Shopping is a huge chore because even store bought clothes rarely fit right.  I have no sewing experience or anything to fall back on to fit something for myself.

So I thought a good place to start would be either baby clothes or doll clothes.  Well babies grow up too fast so that’s left doll clothes.  I have three nieces so I figure there will be plenty of use out of making doll clothes instead of the baby clothes they would have grown out of before I finished.

My oldest niece just turned 11 and she has an American Girl doll.  That decided me on clothes for 18″ dolls … but wow American Girl dolls are expensive.  I wanted a doll that I could try the clothes on and maybe even experiment with some fitting ideas.  However, I’m not going to spend $100+ on a doll just for this.  Plus, I’m sorry, but those little teeth really freak me out.

That led to some research and finally the purchase of a Madame Alexander 18″ doll.  I found this for less than $30 and it will fit into any American Girl clothes.  That means any clothes I make that fits my doll will fit any American Girl dolls my nieces may have.

So I’ve queued up some patterns in Ravelry and once I’ve finished my June WIPs I will pick one and start. We’ll see how it goes and maybe one day I’ll actually make a sweater for myself.


  1. You and I must be on the same wave length. I just finished my very first sock – which I designed for my American Girl Dolls because I didn’t want to start out making human sized socks without knowing how it works. Socks scare me for some reason. (that and I really don’t like repeating myself and so, can’t see me ever finishing 2 identical socks.) I actually enjoyed making the sock and am now tweaking the pattern and going to make another one that will fit even better.

    I really got into knitting and design because of my girls’ American Girl Dolls when they were young. I’m working on writing up my patterns to sell and am excited that there are more 18″ dolls that can use my patterns as well. I didn’t know that Madame Alexander made an 18″ doll. I got my two AG dolls that I use for models from fellow doll knitters on an email group for substantially less than the original price. I love my dolls and enjoy knitting for them.

    Knitting and designing for dolls is a perfect way to practice techniques that you are learning. I can’t wait to see what you make for your doll!

  2. Is that the doll you purchased? It looks just like an American Girl doll! Much better price at $30! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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