Winding Yarn

I managed to wind all my yarn hanks on Thursday.  I think it will be a lesson to me about procrastination.  I had about three months of laziness waiting for me.  Imagine if I was buying at my normal pace. My arm was actually getting tired by the end of it.  Then I went bowling last night for the first time in years and I still have my knitted gift bag to finish off today.  Not to mention my socks.  I’m tired.  I think I will use my left hand the rest of the day.


  1. If you are still in the mood to wind yarn, I have a bit that needs to be done :p

  2. I just recently bought my first hank of yarn from my LYS (usually I get the already balled stuff from craft stores). It was so fun watching her ball it up for me. I need to get me a yarn baller – so much fun! Hope your arms are feeling better. And I’m sure your ‘inner knitter’ is happy that all that yarn is ready to get made into new and exciting projects!

  3. What gorgeous colours!

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