Yarn Addict?

I wonder what really makes a yarn addict?  I’ve never applied the term to myself because I don’t go out and buy more and more yarn.  I need to plan a project before I’ll look around for new yarn and this year I’ve tried to start looking at what I already have first.

Maybe because I’m not buying yarn every single month (or twice a month) it’s opened new doors.  I can’t think of another reason why I love looking at pictures of yarn.  Yarn hanks are the best and I will look through knitting or spinning blogs just for a peek at some yarn pictures.  This is new.  I used to have very little interest in the pictures until there was knitting.  I needed to feel the yarn before I cared much of what it looked like unknitted.

I’m getting a little concerned. I look at these pics and I have no desire to obtain this yarn I’m looking at but simply enjoy looking.  It’s weird.  Isn’t it?

Tomorrow I have a mass yarn winding session planned so here are the pics of some of my yarn.  My own yarn pictures don’t really interest me so I guess I’m some sort of yarn peeping tom instead of a yarn addict?


  1. Shannon says:

    I 100% can relate to the “just looking” thing! They can be so pretty and soft looking when they’re still in hanks. My response question is: are you a yarn addict when you can tell what yarn is in the photo, without any captions?

  2. I think you can be an yarn addict even if you don’t have a lot of yarn at home. I don’t have a large stash – in fact, I just donated a bunch of my stash to a yard sale at my church. But, I think of myself as an addict because I love yarn, spend all my discretionary money on yarn (however small that amount is) and love thinking about what I would do if I could spend gobs on yarn. I love to visit yarn stores and touch all the wonderful yarns there. I get cranky if I don’t get my daily “yarn fix” in the form of knitting or visiting a store where I can pour over yarns, patterns, and general yarn-ness.

  3. thefrugalcrafter says:

    blame it on pinterst:)

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