30 Days of Knitting Questions – Day 29

Continuing my posts from the tumblr account Crafts and Such that has a list of 30 knitting questions; one for each day.

Day 29: Do you have any tips, or things that you’ve learned from knitting?

I have a very simple tip: keep knitting.  You have no idea how much you are learning and improving if you just keep at it.  Try things you think are impossible and ignore how ugly you think it is.  The uglier it is the more you probably learned.  If you get discouraged make it a contest for some kids you know to win the ugliest knitting you have.  Kids love ugly knitted things.  Don’t ask me why.

I forget all the time that I’ve been knitting less than three years.  I remember I was so mad when people would tell stories of their grandmas knitting without ever looking at their work because I thought that was just impossible.  Then a few months ago I looked down and realized I’d been knitting for over 10 minutes and never looked at my work.  And, no, I didn’t have to tink back those 10 minutes of knitting.


  1. That’s so true – you don’t really realise how much you are learning as you go along!! I learn a lot from all my mistakes!!!

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