30 Days of Knitting Questions – Day 13

Continuing my posts from the tumblr account Crafts and Such that has a list of 30 knitting questions; one for each day.

Day 13: Do you have yarn that you love but can’t find a project for?

I do.  My sister bought me some purple silk blend yarn a few years ago for Christmas.  This was before I was really comfortable knitting in anything but craft yarns and when I still thought wool was uncomfortable.  I liked this yarn so much that I ripped out anything I started to make with it.  Now I just don’t even know what to do.

I like wool a lot now and my skin somehow lost any sensitivity that I had to it.  Before I started knitting I thought a 100% cashmere scarf was too much for my skin to tolerate and I’d constantly be scratching at my neck.  I have no idea when it changed but I don’t have that issue now.  This means I don’t need to save that silk blend for a really special project anymore but now I don’t have any ideas on what to make with it.

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