30 Days of Knitting Questions – Day 10

Continuing my posts from the tumblr account Crafts and Such that has a list of 30 knitting questions; one for each day.

Day 10: Do you have a favorite pattern or designer?

Wow, I don’t.  In fact I have to admit I’ve paid no attention at all to who the designers are for the patterns I’ve knit.  I feel a little guilty now.  I just look at pretty pictures and pick the one I like best.  I think one of the reasons I may not have paid much attention is that I don’t knit in the same category very often.  I don’t knit only fair isle or only lace or only cables or only socks, etc.  A lot of designers will specialize in one area.  I’m sure if I focused on one area I would have picked up on the designers I like and don’t like.

I don’t even have a favorite pattern.  I have favorite projects but that’s because of the finished project, the fiber I used, the colors I picked, etc.  It actually has only a small part to do with the pattern itself.  I will say that the patterns I’ve liked have been simple and easy to read.  If it has a chart then I like it even more.  In knitting patterns I seem to be impatient and reading paragraphs of instructions is very quickly frustrating.  All my patience is taken up with the knitting itself. A chart plus clear instructions or even tips is what wins me over.

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