New Tutorial: How to Wind a Center Pull Ball

This tutorial wasn’t planned but I had my camera out while I was winding a couple of yarn hanks and decided it might be fun to write a tutorial on what to do.  The tutorial is available here: How to Wind a Center Pull Ball.  It’s written to use a yarn swift and winder.  However, there are also links to how to make a center pull ball by hand if you don’t own these.

The yarn hank I used was Knit Pick’s Shimmer Hand Dyed Lace – Bayou.  I’m a bit obsessed with this yarn.  Maybe more than a bit.  I started using it before I even finished writing the tutorial.  I might even make a Gravatar based on the yarn.  If anyone has any pics of finished projects with this yarn I would love to see it.  Again … just a little obsessed.

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