Snowflake Hat

Yarn: Knit Picks Full Circle: Passion & Rock
Yarn Weight: Worsted
Needles: Size 5 DPN
Measurements: 20″ circumference and 7.5″ height
Pattern Location: Snowflake Hat (modified)
Time Spent: 6.5 hours
Dates: 1/11/2012 – 1/23/2012

This is the hat from my Knitter’s Sacrilege post awhile back that I’m finally posting.  I really miss my sister taking picture for me.  She’s better at it and her camera is much better as well.  Oh well.  Traveling to FL for my sister to take pictures of all my knitting is not practical.

I made two small modifications from the original.  I added a top and bottom color band and I took off the alternating colors from the hat crown.  Quite a few people made similar modifications as well.  Let’s start with the bad first.

  1. Contrast please.  I mean it.  I know I like dark colors but please please please next time think about it ahead of time.  No contrast = practically invisible pattern.  I knew this as soon as I did the first fair isle row but there was not another color in the yarn that I liked anyway so I went ahead with it.  Now it’s a secret pattern hat =)
  2. Knit Picks Full Circle.  I did not like knitting with this yarn at all.  It was scratchy and uncomfortable.  I rushed through the hat, bad contrast and all, in part to be done with it.  I love the idea of recycled yarn but it was not fun to knit with.
  3. Just a little too short. I needed to add maybe 3-4 rows to this.  It’s a tiny bit short even for my small head.

Alright, on to the good.

  1. Purple!!! I love purple =)
  2. Washing = so much softer.  After I washed the hat it was so much softer.  I almost couldn’t believe the difference.  After wearing the hat for a month it’s even better.  It is wool so it’s still a little on the scratchy side but not nearly as much when I was knitting it.
  3. Looks good.  I like how it looks on me.  It’s more like a skull-cap fit but that’s what I wanted and I’m happy with it.

Overall I like this hat a lot.  If I had been a little more careful it would have been perfect but it’s good enough for now. Especially with this winter we’re having.  I will probably make a new hat for next winter.


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