SWTOR, My Knitting Hates You …

… but I sure don’t.  While I was supposed to be knitting swatches I was instead being an evil Sith. To comfort my knitting, please realize that computer games are like men, they come and go.  But like a best friend my knitting will be there waiting for me and I will always come back.

I did at least manage to buy the yarn and wind it into a center pull ball for the swatches in the Master Knitter’s program.  That’s about it. The reason for my distraction, or less politely procrastination, is of course Star Wars: The Old Republic. I will spare you the evil Sith Empire quotes floating in my head.

Until knitting takes back my attention I’ll be going for baby steps.  I’m sure before too long my obsessive interest will swing back like it always does.  If that door bell is any indication my new printer, a Canon PIXMA MG5320, was just delivered and I can finally print out patterns again and the TKGA instruction packet too.  That will be my baby step for tonight.

And one day knitting will once again reclaim its place.  BTW, does any play a Jedi?  I have yet to meet someone or hear of someone I know that decided to be one of the good guys.

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