TKGA Master Knitter Level 1 Instructions!

Yesterday I got the e-mail with the instructions for TKGA’s Master Knitter Program and read through it today.  Wow.  There’s a lot of thinking to do with this program.  I’m glad because I was a bit worried it would be tedious follow these directions until you want to rip all your hair out.  Now I might still lose some hair but from the questions section I can tell that the goal is to make you think about what you’re doing and not just mindlessly follow directions.

I’m guessing I’ll take a week or two for each swatch, depending on how much research I need to do. It will be fairly easy to answer the questions on any knitting issues I’ve had in the past.  It’s the issues I haven’t run across that I’m a bit worried about.  I’ll have to figure out how to do it wrong before I can answer how to fix it.  I think I’ll have a lot of fun with it.

I’ll have to head out and pick up some yarn for the swatches since I mostly like dark colors (the swatches are required to be knit in worsted weight light-colored light).  I’m thinking pink. I’ve knit too much white lately and yellow makes me cranky.  Pink is a happy color.

Next weekend I should have my first swatch done and be able to share anything new I’ve learned.  I would do it this weekend but I have a brand new laptop to play with over new years =) Wish me luck!


  1. Can you use any worsted wt yarn as long as it is a light color? Pink, not lavender? Can’t wait to see how it goes for you. I would be more worried about the actual knitting – research is my thing. 🙂

    • Any worsted weight smooth (not novelty) yarn. It has to be a solid color and I wouldn’t use anything but wool personally; I’m using Cascade 220. Maybe I will do some in lavender too, I just prefer dark purple. I don’t like pink enough to care if it’s light or dark =) Only 4 swatches have to be the exact same yarn, the others can be different colors.

      My ribbing is looking much better with the Norwegian purl so I am not as worried as I was about the knitting. I’m sure something else will come up but for now I don’t know what that is.

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