Knitting is Changing My Favorite Season

I think knitting has changed my favorite season.  For years I’ve loved late spring all the way through August.  Somehow knitting is changing my favorite season to fall.  It makes no sense.  I have fall allergies, I hate the cold, and I miss the sunlight.

Last week I was leaving for work in the dark and coming home during sunset. With daylight saving time now I’m leaving for work at sunrise and coming home in the dark.  How much more depressing could it get? Okay so technically it is still light outside when I leave work but it’s dark by the time I get home so close enough.

But … all of a sudden these knit hats, glove, scarves, sweaters, and more start coming out.  How can I hate fall when I get to see all these different designs and try and figure out how they were done?  I’ve always preferred fall clothing even before I started knitting so maybe that left the door open.  Somehow this year I just can’t stop noticing all the knitting.

I’ve only been knitting a few years, how else is it going to take over my life?

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