Diatom Shawl – Neutral

Yarn: Knit Pick’s Palette Yarn

  • White – 3 balls (5 balls in kit)
  • Mist – 1 ball
  • Silver – 1 ball
  • Marble Heather  – 1 ball
  • Ash – 1 ball 
  • Black – 1 ball
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Needles: Knit Picks size 6 circular needles
Measurements: 48” diameter (kit calls for 60”)
Pattern Location: Knit Picks’ Diatom Shawl Kit (not available anymore)
Time Spent: 65 hours
Dates: 7/27/2011 – 10/12/2011

The majority of this pattern was fairly consistent with only the center and edging deviating from the same general stitch pattern.  I enjoyed it but I did not like the double or even triple yarn overs that were in the center and edge charts.  I find that I have to always slow down to avoid losing these extra yarn overs and it breaks up my rhythm.

For anyone interested in knitting from this kit it should be pointed out that the instructions are in chart format only.  Personally I prefer this but I know some people do not like chart patterns.

I got through most of this pattern without any major or unfixable errors until I got to the bind off.  It is extremely important to have a very loose bind off with this pattern.  I was not careful and the weight of the finished shawl caused a tighter bind off than I had realized.

While blocking I found there was a lot of give to stretch further in all parts of the shawl but the tight bind off prevented this.  I was left with a 48” shawl instead of a 60” shawl.  I’m still thrilled with it but I also couldn’t do the fancy edging with the points like I would have liked.  It is just a slightly wavy circle edging.

I’m also not sure I would pick neutral again.  It looks like a big doily a lot of the time.  However, the coloring matches my cat so it adds a special touch for me.

Note: I have read that other knitters were confused by the rows with an * on them in the chart.  I did not find it confusing, just annoying.  Basically if you come across a row with an * the round starts one stitch back, which is why you slip the first stitch.  I had to re-position all my stitch markers which is why it was annoying.  This slipped stitch becomes the last stitch of the round instead of the first one.


  1. So pretty! I read your “About” and am a Continental knitter as well. It’s how I was taught initially and I’m so glad. I switch to American style from time to time just for a change of pace. Thanks for stopping by my knitting blog and introducing me to yours.


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