Tedious Inventory #1 – Books & Magazines

Book Inventory

I’ve finished my first inventory task!  I picked the easiest task first with the knitting books and magazines. I’ve got them all in my Ravelry library.  When I started I thought I might have about 5 books and maybe half the magazines to add.  It turned out I needed to add about half the books and almost all the magazines.  That was 32 books, magazines, and patterns!

I’m glad I did this.  I love being able to search for patterns straight from the Ravelry library instead of going book by book. While I like getting pattern books for gifts I very rarely buy them myself.  I find inspiration from them but my favorite are the technique books.  After that the stitch dictionaries are very useful especially if I’m looking to modify a pattern.  Once I start writing more patterns I bet use those stitch dictionaries a lot more!

Until then the book I use the most is Cast On, Bind Off.  It’s a great reference book with simple clear instructions and pictures.  The cast on and bind offs are organized by type and features which really helps when I want to substitute for a different cast on or bind off.  Each set lets you know what type of projects they work well with and a picture of what the edging looks like with that cast on or bind off.  I really do use this book all the time.

I’m really excited for a new book out today, Increase, Decrease.  I hope it turns out as useful as Cast On, Bind Off!

Accidental “Diet”

Last week I accidentally put myself on a much more strict meal plan than intended with Fresh 20’s Spring Reset. I’ve been a fan of Fresh 20 for over year and have an annual subscription to their dinner plan.  I love the dinner plan so this was perfect.  Three meals a day instead of one, what a great way to get out of my lazy funk and start eating healthy again, right?  I have to admit I only read the first two thirds of the program, here’s what I missed:

20 Days to Better Health

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Meal Plans
  • 1200 calories per day, w/ options to increase as needed
  • Low Carb
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Soy Free
  • No Added Sugars

Oops, dairy free? No sugar? Low carb? Low carb?!? Let the wailing commence! But damn am I stubborn.  I was already on day 2 and committed to seeing it through. I had psyched myself up so no way was I giving up due to my own carelessness.  Plus I really was in pretty bad place from over a month of eating out for both lunch and dinner.

Here I am starting day 6 (I started a day late).  So far things are going pretty well.  Individually each meal is something I’d eat on a normal day.  It’s all the meals together that really make it the reset.  I’m not skipping bread for one meal but all of them.  It’s not one salad that has carrots instead of cheese but all of them. It’s not one sandwich (or taco) that became a lettuce wrap but all of them.

Fresh 20 Spring Reset

The first three days all I could think of was how hungry I was and how much I wanted carbs.  By the fourth day the hunger wasn’t there and I was noticing how sweet fruits now tasted.  I don’t usually like granny smith apples but having one for a snack Friday was amazing.  Yesterday I wasn’t hungry at all just starting to get worn out from cooking 3 meals a day.

I’ll let you know how I’m feeling after the full 20 days!  If I’m stubborn enough to eat kale all of this week I know I’ll make it!

I Did Knit Last Year

It turns out I did finish some knitting projects last year.  All of them were gifts.  I made a baby blanket for my nephew, Malcolm, and some Christmas presents.  Sadly it doesn’t look like I have pictures of the baby blanket but here are the Christmas presents.

First, the Color Affection shawl for my sister-in-law, Susan.

Color Affection Front Wrap

Then because I didn’t want the other women in my family feeling left out a whole bunch of anklet socks.

Xmas 2015 Socks LG

I’m not sure who got which pair. I would guess Mom got the green pair, Cindy got the blue/gray pair, Lisa got the pink striped pair, and Sara got the pink/yellow pair.  Hopefully I didn’t stash any of these away for myself and now I’ve let someone know I stole their intended pair of socks!  I might just have an abandoned anklet sock project for myself somewhere.  Probably a purple/gray pair like the blue one if I know myself.

Nice Easy Project


Hue Afghan Yarn

Onto my first (planned) step to regain knitting ground; a nice easy project. I picked the decor kit for Knit Pick’s Hue Shift Afghan. While it’s a big project it’s also repetitive enough to get me started.  Some research into Ravelry turned up the Hopje’s décor color modifications where the quarter squares colors are flipped.  Like many others I like this version better than the original.

While I waited for my yarn I practiced with some Brava Sport I had lying around; I really need to inventory all this yarn I’ve bought over the last few years!  I must have been feeling patriotic based on how my practice turned out.

Hue Shift Afghan Gauge

My gauge is not the perfect 5” squares so I’m a little worried about running out of yarn as  other people on Ravelry reported. Okay, I’m almost certain I will but I’ll take that into account if I ever do a second afghan.  Two notes for myself based off my practice squares: first the cast on gauge is critical for non-wonky squares and borders, second I’m looking at about a 150 hour project.  This will be a huge accomplishment towards getting back on track and I’ll have an awesome blanket at the end!

Shawl Challenge

Despite my best intentions of going slow while getting back into knitting a shawl challenge has arisen!  My friend Laura is once again convinced that she will make herself a shawl.  I know this for the lie it is.  She will start one, rip it out, pick a new pattern, rip that one out, and continue on this track for … years.

How do I know this?  Let me name the reasons:

  1. She hates knitting with lace yarn
  2. She hates lace patterns
  3. She hates counting stitches (probably the reason for #2)
  4. No pattern is good enough for her yarn no matter what she says
  5. She’s making the shawl for herself and won’t feel any urgency
  6. She is always hot & would never wear the shawl anyway

So where is the challenge for me?  We need to get Laura to hand over the yarn and let me make her shawl.  I started a new Pinterest board with a few ideas. I’m almost certain this will just be my idea board after a few weeks regardless of Laura’s preferences but she’s welcome to contribute ideas.  Of course this Firmaments Lace Shawl is my favorite and it sure doesn’t look easy!

Silk Yarn


I’m up for the challenge, after all there is no time limit.  Let’s all visit Laura and comment to let her know I should get the yarn. It’s gorgeous and shouldn’t languish for any more years waiting for a project.  At least one person is on board already!